Hi all!

First off let me say its good to see you all!

So you may have seen these already but let me just give you all a quick run down.

How they show on posts

A few weeks ago we added 'Reactions' to posts.
These use the most common single emote posts icons.

They allow you to easily give a response to a post

Your own posts will show up like so...

Obviously you can not react to yourself!

Posts you have reacted to will show up as so

Your reaction is on the bottom, the most common reaction is at the top.

How to react

When you click the bottom icon
You will get a selection of all the current smilies we have set as a reaction

Click the radio button next to the reaction you want.

Click on "React Now!"

This will log your reaction and update the post.

You can also react by clicking on the "Top 6 forum wide" reactions to the left of the

Once you do one of those the post will update and show you what you reacted with and the current top reaction

Hovering over the top reaction icon or the top reaction will show you either of these.
All reactions to the post or that it has none.

Hopefully this post will give you some insight into the changes.


Oh one last thing...
You only get one chance to react!