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Here are the Forum Posting Rules.

Cain's Lair Forum Guidelines.

I would like to ask everyone to take a moment to review some basic guidelines for postings in our public forums.

Please keep these guidelines in mind when posting at Cain's Lair Forums. Failure to do will usually result in your being banned from here.

1) Verbal Abuse Towards Other Community Members, Moderators or Admins - Please do not verbally abuse or insult other community members, moderators, or Admins, and do not use profanity or racial/religious/ethnic slurs in the forums. Please do not start threads, or make posts that will initiate arguments, insult people, and/or create ill will. We are all here to have fun, not to be insulted.

2) Pornography - Please do not post any links or pictures of pornographic material or web sites, in our Forums.

3) No Clan Recruiting - Please do not use the Cain's Lair Forums to recruit players for your respective clans. This includes no links to your Clan's Forums, Web page or Server, for any reason. No links in posts, or in your sig please.

4) No Outside Server Advertising - Please do not advertise, discuss, or advocate other gaming servers (non-Cain's Lair) in our forums, unless given prior permission. No Websites, No Server IPs, No Forum links, without approval. Cain spends a lot of time and money on the machines, so others with new, or less busy servers often want to leach off of our Community, and try to shortcut their way to success.

Rule #4 is a ZERO TOLERANCE rule. You will be banned for breaking it!

5) Threads About Cheating - Please do not post any links to web sites, forums, etc., that advocate or contain material pertaining to cheating in on-line gaming.

6) Warez or Illegal Software - Do not post or discuss illegal software, warez, and/or suggesting how to find it.

7) If you are a Cain's Lair Regular - Please lead by positive example to all new members of our community, be helpful, friendly and use good manners. Help to teach the newer members the appropriate way to use these message boards.

8 ) Please do not use or imitate Cain's Lair Admin avatars. These do not include any avatar in the "stock" list of the board's avatars.

9) Please do not use any website as a registered name in our forums. If you have already done this, simply contact myself, or Cain and one of us will help you to change the name.

All rules are subject to change at any time and are non negotiable. Posts may be removed from any of the Forums for a number of reasons, and posters may be removed from the Forums at any time, without public explanation, or discussion, by the Admins, or Moderators. Administrator's decisions on all topics are final.

Please have fun and enjoy yourself. This board is here for all of us to use as a community. Remember, it's only a game, do not take this stuff so seriously !!.

-- Cain & DARK4SE